Cityglance Wants To Make Your Commutes More Social

Traveling via public transportation is likely not thought of as a social pursuit or activity by very many people, if any, but like plenty of things in this day and age which have been transformed into more social interactive engagements, even public transport seems to have been touched by those wishing to make it a more sociable affair. Cityglance is an app which aims to make this a reality, and now with the Android app live on the Play Store in the U.S., users will be able to connect to others and interact in new ways as Cityglance wants to promote a better trip experience.

Cityglance seems to take a focus on helping people make new friends easily by connecting them with other people, called "Cityglancers," which use the app. Upon setting up your profile which can be done by using your general email or connecting it through Facebook, you can enter to the app's main page and see other people near you who are also using Cityglance. The main page is almost like a stream or feed where you can see posts from other users, and should you want to make a post of your own the app lets you check in with a banner button at the top which shares your route and transport info, and you can add to the check-in by sharing a few words, basically like a new status post.

Connecting people with other commuters they may have come across on previous trips is the overall goal of the app, which may seem a bit strange to some people, but there is definitely potential for this to be gain a following in larger cities where public transit is more prominent. The app only shares which transit route you may have taken at the time of your post, but it doesn't allow other users to track your location, and your check-ins can be made private if you so choose. The app also supports offline searches and allow for private messaging if you connect with someone via the app that you want to talk to. If you find someone you want to connect with you can send them a glance, not too unlike Facebook's poke feature. The app is free and while it won't appeal to everyone, if you commute through public transit it might be something fun to try out.

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