Chromecast Turns 2, Google Celebrates With Free Rental

AH Chromecast 2

Google’s little content- and screencasting dongle, the Chromecast, has been on the market for two years as of today.  And, courtesy of yet another freebie deal for owners of said dongle, Google is celebrating the second birthday of the device with a free movie rental.

Chromecast offers come along every so often, and many of them are great trials of services like Hulu and Google Play Music All Access streaming, as well as the occasional free movie rental.  This time, the movie rental promotion covers a pretty wide and quality swathe of films on the Play Store.  If you happen to own a Chromecast and go after this deal, you’ll get the pick of top movies from the past few years including recent hits like American Sniper, and somewhat recent hits like Pacific Rim, and The Lego Movie.  Obviously, there are many more to choose from so you’ll doubtless find something to sit down and be able to enjoy thanks to your Chromecast. And for those of you that don’t have a Chromecast (yet) or are ordering one to take advantage of the sheer number of deals and bonuses that Google’s casting dongle affords, you’ll be able to redeem the offer if you activate your Chromecast before the end of this year, so timing is not that large of an issue.

And for those still unable to recall what exactly the Chromecast can do, especially after the many Android, Chrome, and Chrome OS updates since the initial release two years ago, here’s a highlights reel.  Android 5.0 Lollipop and above are able to mirror the entire display regardless of what’s on-screen to Chromecast, so it’s great for presenting as well as for showing your family how to do that thing on your phone or tablet.  Chrome for your computer allows you to cast tabs, so you can show that YouTube video that nobody seems to be able to find.  And Chrome OS, as of a previous update to the Canary Channel, allows you to cast your entire device not just the browser window or a set of tabs.  Since Google looks to keep tossing treats to loyal users, picking up a Chromecast continues to look like a great value-for-money purchase.