Chrome for Android updated to V.44

Chrome Beta Material Design AH 1

Google today announced version 44 for Android.  This build comes out of the beta stages with some noticeable upgrades but not all beta features made the cut.  Google didn’t get specific with the changes only to say there was a “boatload” of changes.  As with all Google updates and releases they will stagger the updates so check your devices over the next few days to see the update hit.

Here on the east coast I already got the update and everything seems a little faster and and with some noticeable changes.  Google added an information icon to the menu on the upper right which gives you the option to copy the url and to change location settings.  The location feature is a nice addition to quickly allow you to block websites you might not know are tracking you.

The beta version of Chrome had a new reader mode which didn’t seem to make the cut.  I am sure Google is still perfecting that part of Chrome and we will see it soon.  Google doesn’t like to release an update before most of the bugs are worked out, hence the wait for Hangouts 4.0.

Google is asking for anyone who finds a bug to please report it so they can address it.  The Chrome team can’t make changes if they don’t know about the issues so please help yourselves and the android community and report anything you find.  Click on the menu icon then help and feedback.

For those that want to be a beta tester check out the Google Play store and search Chrome Beta.  Replace the stable release for the beta and enjoy the new features before everyone else.

Leave a comment below on any new changes you spot in Chrome for Android 44.  I’m sure Google hid a few features we might not all notice.