Charging Dock For The Xperia Z3+ Now Available In Europe


One of the changes that the Sony Xperia Z3+ brought respect to previous generations of the lineup was the removal of the magnetic port for the special dock located on the left side of the devices. It was featured since the Xperia Z and then refined on the Xperia Z1 with a shape that would be used until the Xperia Z3. Now, Sony has figured out how to keep the IP68 certification that makes the phone waterproof and dustproof while the Micro-USB port used for charging it and transferring data is exposed and not covered by a flap unlike the rest of the previous phones. These docks are meant to provide an alternative way of charging the phone while keeping it at a comfortable angle on a desk for viewing content and interact with it.

The previous docking stations had the phone on a horizontal position according to the location of the port, but now the charging port is located on the bottom of the phone, so the new dock will have the phone stand in a vertical position. The Sony Micro USB Charging Dock DK52 has a new compact design and it includes two adaptors to use the phone with or without covers or cases providing stability once the phone is connected in the right position. It is now available through the Sony Mobile Store of some European countries. The asking price for this accessory is £29.99 in the UK and €39.00 in the rest of the countries. It is only available in black, but some Japanese third-party manufacturers are modifying it to offer some additional colors and materials like silver or gold.


Aside from the charging port, not much has changed in terms of hardware in the Xperia Z3+, it is now slimmer at just 6.9 mm thick and lighter at 144 grams, the front-facing stereo speakers are now located near the edges of the phone and the camera on the front has a 5-megapixel sensor. Its internals have been upgraded with the newer Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and the internal memory is now 32 GB, but the rest of the specs remain untouched.

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