CEO Confirms OnePlus Will Launch Two Phones This Year

OnePlus AH

The OnePlus 2 is certainly one of the most talked about devices off the year so far and is definitely the most talked about device of right now. That is hardly surprising though as the launch of the device is scheduled for less than two weeks from now. As such, there has been an abundance of OnePlus and OnePlus 2 news coming of late. In fact, only this morning came the latest news when OnePlus released a social media posting referring to their device as the flagship killer of 2016. Well, before OnePlus get too far ahead of schedule, there is the launch event to deal with. While the company has released a ton of spec information, there is still a number of aspects which have yet to be confirmed. Not to mention, there has also been a number of rumors about OnePlus releasing more than one device this year.

In fact, the latest of these rumors emerged just days ago when it was reported that OnePlus was working on a OnePlus 2 Mini, which would be released sometime after the OnePlus 2. The latest on this is that OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has now confirmed that a second OnePlus device will be launched this year. The confirmation comes from an interview Lau gave to Romanian newspaper, Adevarul. During the interview and when asked Lau explicitly refers to the second OnePlus phone stating “We have another phone planned for this year, but will provide details soon.” Of course, details of the second device (or whether this is the OnePlus 2 Mini) were not provided, but either way, it does seem to be confirmed that there will be two OnePlus devices launching before the end of this year.

On a separate note, the price of the OnePlus 2 is another aspect which has been widely debated. While Lau has also recently confirmed that the OnePlus 2 will not cost more than $450, the actual price has yet to be specifically stated. Well, during the interview, Lau was asked about the OnePlus 2 while the price was being mentioned as $450. Although, Lau did not comment on the price, he did not seem to have an issue with the interviewers referring to the cost of the device as $450. Therefore, it does seem highly likely that the cost is going to be right on the $450 marker. You can read the interview with Lau in full by hitting the source link below.