Camera Samples Leak out from the Moto X (2015)

Motorola AH 182

Next week, Motorola is set to unveil their new portfolio of products for the year, in New York city as well as in London. It’s pretty much a given that we’ll see a new Moto G there, as there have been numerous leaks of the device in the past few weeks. Now we’re starting to see more from the new Moto X. Which many believe we’ll see at the same event next week.

A few photos popped up on Google+ earlier today from Motorola’s Senior Director of Product Management, Mark Rose. Those images have since been deleted. Adding more fuel to the fire that these are indeed images taken with an unannounced smartphone. While EXIF data is very easy to be faked, and has been faked in the past, we can’t help but think that these images are from the new Moto X. But one thing’s for sure, we will likely find out next Tuesday in New York.

The images actually look pretty decent. While it’s really only two images here, it’s tough to really see how good or bad the camera might be. We also don’t know if this was edited at all, perhaps with Snapseed, one of our favorite image editing apps around here.

So far, we have a pretty good idea of what specs we are likely to see on the Moto X 2015. That would be a QHD display, measuring 2560×1440 and about 5.2-inches. It’s also said to still be an AMOLED display, much like the previous two models. We’ve also seen leaks that it’s going to be sporting a Snapdragon 808 processor instead of the Snapdragon 810. Which could be due to the overheating issues that Qualcomm has been plagued with, in this generation of octa-core processors. There’s also Android 5.1.1 Lollipop on board, which was pretty much a given. As far as cameras go, we’re supposedly looking at a 16MP camera on the back with a 5MP front-facing shooter.

Next week, all shall be revealed. And we will be live in New York to see exactly what Motorola has up their sleeves for us, this time around. So make sure you stay tuned to Android Headlines for all the details.