Business Collaboration App Convo Debuts On Android

AH Convo app 1

The face of business is changing, long gone are the days of everyone in the office driving to work and clocking an eight-hour day while only interacting with clients over the phone. Today’s business is ever changing and evolving while taking place on every continent on the planet as well as the web 24/7. To that end business collaboration platform, Convo has emerged as one of the leaders of on the go communication and workplace collaboration.  Adobe backed Convo is an online meeting room of sorts. Instead of everyone pulling up emails, documents, charts, and graphs from all different forms of communication Convo makes it simpler.  Whether it be Twitter, Facebook, emails or just plain paper Convo allows all of these different formats to live in one space. The beauty of this one space is that everyone has access to see and make comments and start a conversation no matter where he or she might be.

Before going live with their new Android and iOS app Convo entirely changed their whole interface with a new look and snapper performance. Prior to this announcement Convo, which started in 2012 was only available to use on Mac or PC’s computers. The improvements made to the new app have been substantial, and users will notice them right away. Right off the bat users will see the mobile app has new look compared to the desktop version. They will also see the ability to update your profile and tinker with your notification preferences as well. Some other great new features include contextual commenting, support for third-party integrations and a much-improved search.

With rival collaboration platform Slack posting record numbers over the last few months, Convo may have felt the need to finally have a presence on mobile. After last week’s update to the desktop versions coupled with the new and improved features on its brand new mobile app, this feels like a whole new Convo. Speaking to TechCrunch CEO Faizan Buzdar seemed to confirm that by saying the new Convo has been  built “from the ground up.” So if you are a Convo desktop user or have been waiting for a mobile presence from the platform, the new Convo app is up and live on Google Play as of today.