Bounty To Unlock Bootloader of AT&T LG G4 Surpasses $2,000

When people spend in upwards of $700 for a phone they generally want to be able to use that phone as they see fit.  Many times when purchasing a phone from a carrier like AT&T, Verizon or others out there you'll find that the device is locked down pretty hard.  These companies offer subsidies for the device, giving you the ability to pay around $200 instead of the full $700 or so price for the device, and in exchange they want to guarantee that you stick with their service and pay them every month for it.  Even so the practice of locking down phones isn't appreciated by many, and when it's made particularly difficult to unlock a device you'll find that the community will generally band together to figure out a way to do it.

LG's G4 on AT&T is one such device that's locked down hard, as the bootloader is securely locked and so far no one has been able to find a way to unlock it at all.  The bootloader is the key to getting custom software on a phone, in particular aftermarket firmware like CyanogenMod or other ROMs out there.  In short aftermarket firmware helps users keep their phones up to date normally with the latest version of Android instead of having to wait for the manufacturer to update the phone.  While there are plenty of advantages to doing this users often lose special features that manufacturers put on the phones, such as advanced camera software or other software niceties.  Users may also run into bugs since aftermarket software is often in a perpetual beta state and doesn't receive the testing manufacturer-made software does.

Regardless of all that there are so many advantages to getting aftermarket firmware that dozens users of the popular XDA Developers forum have pledged money to the first person who can make an unlocked bootloader on the AT&T LG G4 a reality.  At this point more then $2,200 has been pledged and will be given to the person who is able to complete this heroic task, a bounty worthy of such a difficult feat.  Head on over to the source link below to check out the thread and of course try your hand at getting the bootloader unlocked if you've got experience with that kind of thing.  There's no doubt this will be done in time and with this sort of bounty it's sure to happen soon!

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