Big Android BBQ To Visit Amsterdam November 12th-14th

If you're an Android enthusiast or developer, there's a good chance you've either heard of or have already been to at least one Big Android BBQ event. These events are all about getting together with other like-minded individuals and learning more about Android, talking about Android, enjoying great BBQ and building relationships and networking with other attendees. It's a popular two-day event that generally ends up with a full list of people and most ticket packages sold out. Up until now though the Big Android BBQ has only ever been in one place: Texas. This is a great regional location for the event and it certainly makes sense given the nature of BBQ being a common theme. Not everyone is capable of making it to Texas though, and that unfortunately could limit some people's ability to take part. The good news, Big Android BBQ is heading out to Europe and arriving in Amsterdam on November 12th.

This European version of the event will not be too unlike that of the original happening a few weeks prior on October 22nd. In fact, much of the theme for talking points is to be the same or similar, but instead, sessions are going to be broken up into five different categories with each focusing on a certain group. This will allow people to have a more customized experience with what they're trying to learn and engage with.

The five different categories for sessions will start with a category called "Hardcore Android" which will be an advanced category. There will also be a category dedicated to the Internet of Things called "Android & Things," as well as categories for pretty much anything android related called "Android and You," and one focusing on auto and med tech called "World of Android." Finally, there will also be a category which focuses on design and interaction called "Android & Humans." The whole event will take place over the course of three days, with the first two days (November 12th and 13th) being dedicated to the main event, and a third day (November 14th) dedicated to the "Code Kitchen" which will allow developers to test out the new skills and things they have learned with assignments and learning experiments with chances to win prizes. The Code Kitchen will also be open throughout the course of the event, and the third-day access will be separate from the first two days so going is optional. Each night also of course (because this is about BBQ too) will end with authentic Texas BBQ and beer, so you'll want to stick around at the end of the evening before retreating back to your hotel for some rest. There are various different ticket packages available each offering a little more than the one before it, and if you need more details you can check things out at the official site from the source below.

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