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App development is all about the downloads. Or so you would think. However, if it is all about the downloads, then what are the factors which can help your app receive a greater number of downloads? In truth, if there are factors which can help download figures, then it is probably much fairer to say that app development is all about those factors. Take app marketing for instance. If your app is poorly marketed, then how will anyone know your app exists? In turn, how will anyone end up downloading your app? Therefore, when it comes to app downloads or app revenues, it really is all about the app marketing. Is it factors like marketing which continually prove to be the best of the app monetization models out there. So how do you go about better marketing your app? Well, that is also not as easy as you might think to answer. That said, there are a number of fundamental methods which can improve the likelihood of your app marketing being successful. To briefly touch on these, here are a few of tips which might help improve your app marketing overall.

First up, give the customer what they want. This may sound obvious but you would be surprised how many apps do not offer the user what they want. Instead, they adopt more of an advertising platform and redirect users to a website or mobile and the real product. Therefore, make sure your app offers the consumers something in app form. Redirections are all well and good, but an app which is of substance is one which will gain traction and exposure. An extension of this point, is to try and make your app is unique in what it offers. It is no good just selling users what everyone else is selling them. The more unique your app and what it offers is, the more chance of increasing the user base and gaining further traction in the market. That said, do not go too streamlined or niche and alienate too many people. Find the right selling point for the app, place a unique spin or take on that selling point and you will attract the right kind of user base who in turn, will help spread the word to the larger more mainstream public.


Marketing your app successfully is not just a pre-release thing either. Once your app is ready to go to market, there are ways to ensure that your app gains the increased marketing it needs. One of the most common methods is to make sure your app is optimized for the Play Store. In fact, for any app store that you plan on listing with. On that note, don't limit yourself to just the Play Store. Make use of all the available app stores and if positioning your app internationally, make sure the app is optimized for the international app stores too. This point is massively important for those that want quick exposure, as app store results will be the primary way in which users find your app. Therefore, ensuring your app title, description and keywords all generate high up results (and are relevant to your app) is key to gaining exposure quickly. Another key point is how often you update your app. Make sure updates are frequent and keep users interested in your app. Not to mention, that every time you release another update or new key feature you are presenting your app with another opportunity to gain further publicity, have people talk about your app and gain further exposure.

Last, but by no means least, is social media. This particular point you will hear a lot when it comes to marketing your app and the truth is, this is one of the most fundamental and effective ways to market your app. Social media is literally the modern age version of 'word of mouth'. Use social media to tell people about your app and each time you release an update. Those users will in turn be able to tell other people and share on their social media. This is one of the most effective measure you can take, so this should be always high up on the to-do list.

Some of these points may sound obvious and they are, but you will still be surprised at how many developers fail to use them properly. Giving your user base what they want in a functional app, that is unique, optimized for the app stores and shared aggressively on social media are all proven and solid ways to gain exposure and increase app marketing.

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