AT&T To Get Exclusive 'Active' Model Of The LG Tone

LG Tone Active e1437687285396

Bluetooth headsets come in all shapes and all sizes, targeted at a wide range of different people from business men and women to those looking for something a little more casual and even those wanting something for use during intense workouts. LG is debuting a new headset for the person with the active lifestyle called the LG Tone Active, and like the name suggests it’s meant to be used during exercise. The LG Tone Active will be the latest headset in a line of Bluetooth headsets for LG in the Tone series, which all feature a comfortable design meant to be worn around your neck with attached earbuds you can extend to wear and then retract when you’re done listening to music, or whatever it is you listen during your workouts.

Interestingly, LG states in their announcement for this new Bluetooth product that the Active headset will be exclusive to AT&T. All that means is that whoever wants one will have to order it through the AT&T website or go into an AT&T retail store to pick one up. It doesn’t however mean you have to subscribe to AT&T to buy one. The headset will be available in orange and it’s set for a launch with availability for purchase starting tomorrow, July 24th, at a cost of $129.00. It’s worth mentioning too that LG states the Tone Active will be exclusive to AT&T for a limited time, which could mean it’ll only be available for a limited time, but more realistically it probably means that AT&T’s exclusivity on carrying the product is limited and it will eventually be available through other retailers.

LG states the headset will be compatible with any device that has Bluetooth enabled, so there shouldn’t be any issues with connecting it. The important detail about the Active is that it comes with an IPX3 rating so it’s water resistant and sweat resistant, so sweat from the exercise should be no problem for it. It also boasts music listening times of up to 9.5 hours and a standby time of up to 18 days. We recently reviewed the LG Tone Infinem headset which was found to be quite enjoyable, so this should be just as good but with the added benefit of the water resistance rating.