ASUS Flip C100 Chromebook Is Now Available

Asus Flip C100 Chromebook

Chromebooks are slowly getting some popularity, probably because of their affordable prices in most cases and now they are being produced in a variety of form factors, plus Google has some interesting patents for these devices, so we might see even more of these devices in the future. The Flip C100 Chromebook from ASUS is a laptop that includes a touchscreen, so along with its 360-degree hinge, it can flip the screen backwards you can use it at a tablet or in tent and stand modes, so you could just place it in a desk to watch a movie or share a presentation. Those interested in this device were left with an ambiguous launch date and a price with no further details, but all of that changes today.

This Chromebook has a thin and light design thanks to its aluminum chassis that makes it weight under 2 lbs. (0.89 kg) and it measures 0.6 inches (15.6 mm) thick. The IPS display measures 10.1 inches and it has a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels with 10 multi-touch points and the keyboard is almost a full-sized one, so it should be comfortable to use, plus, the touchpad includes support for gesture controls to make it intuitive to use. It’s powered by a quad-core Rockchip RK3288C processor clocked at 1.8 GHz and it has two configurations of RAM and internal storage, the 16 GB version includes 2 GB of RAM and the 32 GB option includes 4 GB of RAM. It features stereo speakers and a camera for video conferencing.

It includes 2 full-size USB ports, one Micro HDMI port and even a Micro SD card slot, the 3.5 mm jack can be used to plug in headphones and a microphone, even though a digital microphone is integrated in the hardware. The 2-cell battery is said to last up to 9 hours, so it should be available to use at most parts of the day. The Chromebook can be purchased right now from the ASUS eStore, Newegg.com and Amazon.com and the prices are $249 or $299 depending on the configuration of the internal storage and amount of RAM.