APUS Launcher Gets Linked Wallpaper Beta Feature

July 21, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

One of Android’s best features is the capability for customization, and much of this comes from third party home launchers which allow things like transition animations, custom icon packs and more. Not all launchers are about customization though. Some are more about efficiency while some are a mix of both. APUS launcher is one that’s more about simplicity and lightweight use as well as customization, and now they’re adding a little bit of social interaction to the mix by introducing a new beta feature to the app called linked wallpaper. The breakdown is that it lets you share wallpapers with another person so there’s that feeling of a social connection.

With APUS launcher installed and the new linked wallpaper feature, each person can share a wallpaper with the other person of their choosing at any time, so there’s always a feeling of being connected whenever the mood strikes. The ability to change wallpapers can happen remotely by first having users linking their APUS launcher accounts together, which is done by sharing a unique code with one another to enter into the app. After the code is entered, sharing and changing the other person’s wallpaper is as easy as choosing a personal photo to use or selecting an actual wallpaper to share with the other person.

There are also a couple of different options for how to share the wallpaper. Users can either share one half of the wallpaper or photo so that they become whole when placed side by side with the other person’s phone, or they can share the entire wallpaper so the other person’s backdrop is a mirror image of their own. APUS’ goal was to bring a fun and exciting new feature to the app that would allow users to share a personal connection with family, friends or loved ones, and linked wallpaper does a decent job of adding that layer of personalization. This is just one feature though in addition to other things it offers, like an easy way to boost and clean your device RAM, tons of customizable themes as well as screen transition effects. Right now the linked wallpaper feature is in beta, and as with all betas users may experience a bug or two. APUS launcher is free to use so if you’re interested in checking out the new linked wallpaper feature you can grab it from the Play Store.