Anti Microbial Gorilla Glass Comes First To The ZTE Axon

Corning is well-known throughout the technology world for its habit of protecting your smartphone from various things, namely yourself since most people's phones and other devices are damaged by their own hands even if not intentionally. Most average users may not be familiar with the name Corning though, they do however recognize the name Gorilla Glass. It's a sound like music to your ears when asking about or researching a device if you fear dropping your device and accidentally cracking your display, or placing it in your pocket or purse only for it to get scratched up and scuffed like no tomorrow thanks to your keys, change, and any other number of things which you may keep floating around in there.

Scratches and scuffs, cracks and dings aren't the only things threatening our smartphone screens. One which may be less thought of, at least by the average user, is germs. Corning has germs front and center though. It's been at the forefront of their minds for a while which is why they announced an antimicrobial version of Gorilla Glass last year during CES and began development on the product. They want to help consumers live with a smartphone without having to worry about what sorts of nasties are living on their phone display, something which they're constantly touching day in and day out. As part of normal human nature and everyday tasks, we touch hundreds of different surfaces which may be harboring germs of all kinds, we then in turn touch our smartphone screens, and eventually maybe even our faces, all the while transferring germs back and forth like you pass around a photo album.

With Corning's new antimicrobial Gorilla Glass, the idea is that it will protect the touch surface of your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device from stain and odor-causing bacteria, and presumably make it so users are less exposed to those bacteria. It doesn't mean that it will protect you, the user, from germs. All it means is that your touchscreen should end up less likely to be a living space for those types of bacteria mentioned. In the long run that's still a good thing but Corning doesn't want consumers to be confused about the benefits of the product. If you're someone that loves the sound of having a touch display protected by anti microbial glass which can still protect against drops and scratches, the ZTE Axon according to Corning is the first device to hit the market with this type of glass. This should give anyone interested an idea of which smartphone should be their next device.

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