Another T-Mobile Un-Carrier Event Is Happening Tomorrow

uncarrier amped

T-Mobile has been on a roll for quite some time now with their “Un-carrier” branded moves that they keep making. But nobody is complaining because from these Un-carrier moves has come some great benefits to being on T-Mobile’s network. Arguably the two biggest benefits are the “Music Freedom” and “JUMP!” programs that T-Mobile offers. Music Freedom allows customers to stream all the music that their heart desires from the top music streaming services and have none of that data count towards their data cap. Then you have JUMP!, which allows customers to lease a phone with no contract and upgrade it twice a year as opposed to the usual once a year.

It looks like this Un-carrier roll that T-Mobile is on will continue tomorrow as the magenta carrier has announced that the next Un-carrier event will take place then. More specifically, the Un-carrier Amped event that is scheduled for tomorrow, July 9th, will be going down at 9 am ET or 6 am PT. At that time tomorrow T-Mobile will be hosting a live media call with both CEO John Legere and COO Mike Sievert. During this media call, the two will obviously be announcing and discussing T-Mobile’s next Un-carrier Amped move, but viewers will also be able to get some questions answered during a Q&A portion of the call. If this sounds like something you would like to participate in, you can do so by tweeting your questions to either @johnlegere or @sievertmike during the call tomorrow morning.

What the next Un-carrier amped move that T-Mobile plans to announce tomorrow is anybody’s guess at the moment. The last Un-carrier amped move the company made was not too long ago and was essentially JUMP! version 2. It was called JUMP! On Demand and offered customers the opportunity to get a new phone at $0 down and pay it off over the next 18 months. The good part about going this route is that customers can upgrade their phone 3 times per year whenever they want to for $0 upfront. This Un-carrier Amped move taking place tomorrow will likely hold a similar announcement, an iterative update to an existing Un-carrier move.