Android Games News Weekly July 17th: WWE 2K, Albion Online, And More!

July 17, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

There have been some really great game launches this week, but we’ll get into that in our new games post. For now let’s go over some of the details of this week’s gaming news.

WWE 2K Gets Updated With Improved PerformanceWWE 2K

WWE 2K is one of the more popular games from 2K on Android, and it was just recently given some polish to improve the overall performance of the game. If you’ve been a fan of it or have been considering picking it up then you should be happy to discover that 2K has improved the controls to include enhanced multi-swipe gestures and single-directional swipes. They have also improved the responsiveness of the moves for certain points of the game, and there’s even an option now to disable player entrances when coming out to the ring which should speed up gameplay a bit. Lastly there have been some bug fixes so things should feel smoother and run better than before. The update should be live as of now for existing and new players. While there is not really any new content to speak of other than the disable entrances option, improvements to the game’s functionality is a nice touch to ensure players have a good experience.


Albion Online Alpha Gets New Content UpdateAlbion Online

Albion Online is currently a game in development, but it has been opened up to some players to help test the alpha gameplay and it has just recently gotten a content update which brings in some new stuff including a new open area. The new area is called the Deadlands and seems to have a focus mostly on PvP, but there are also new dungeons to speak of as well as new enemies and a new boss to take down. All of this so far would be a great set of new things to test out even if it were the end of the new things added, but there are also new locations in the Deadlands for guilds to take over and some new gear to try and acquire. If you currently play Albion Online, or have some interest in massively multiplayer online games, you can check out the main website for the game for more details.

Gaming Quick Hits

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Hit game on Steam called Hammerwatch Coliseum will is coming to Android – Hammerwatch Playable Preview

Telltale Games will be launching Game Of Thrones Ep. 5 next week – Telltale blog | Trailer

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