Android Game News Weekly July 31st: Humble Bundle, Hearthstone And More!


If you happened to miss out on any of the gaming related news this week, fret not because we have you covered. We've rounded up bits and pieces of anything gaming related worth noting and compiled it all here for you.

Humble Bundle Adds More Games To NEOGEO BundleHumbe NEOGEO Mobile Bundle

Humble Bundle put out their latest mobile bundle of games last week, and it was themed around the NEOGEO classic titles from SNK Playmore. With this particular mobile bundle you could pay at least $1 and unlock Garou: Mark of The Wolves, Blazing Star, The King of Fighters '97, Metal Slug 2, and Metal Slug X. If you paid the average amount however you could also unlock Fatal Fury Special, Samurai Showdown II, and Metal Slug 3, as well as any games which were added to the bundle. As of now there are three new games which have been added in, including the original Metal Slug, The King Of Fighters '98, and Beast Busters Deluxe. At the time of writing the average amount is sitting at $4.69 to unlock everything, but you can also choose to pay $29.99 and you'll get all those games plus a limited edition NEOGEO 25th Anniversary t-shirt featuring Metal Slug art on it. There's just three days left before the bundle disappears, so if you want any of these games act fast. You can pick up the bundle at the Humble Bundle website.


Hearthstone Players Can Preorder 'The Grand Tournament'Hearthstone The Grand Touurnament

Hearthstone has become a massively popular game especially now that it's available via multiple platforms including iOS and Android (both smartphones and tablets) as well as PC. Up to this point Blizzard has released two major adventures for the game including Curse of Naxxramas and Blackrock Mountain, as well as one expansion called Goblins and Gnomes. Hearthstone's second expansion which was revealed recently as The Grand Tournament is now available for preorder for diehard and casual players alike. If you play the game you can pick up a special preorder bundle which includes 50 packs to open as well as a special card back for  $49.99, with the card back being useable immediately. Players will however have to wait for The Grand Tournament expansion to go live before they can open their packs and start using the cards within. The bundle price is only available until the launch, so you better act fast if you want the special pricing. It's also worth noting that Blizzard has not yet revealed the release date.

Gaming Quick Hits

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