Android App Updates – July 10th, 2015: Meerkat, Falcon Pro, and More!


Sunrise Calendar now Supports Office 365 Accounts

This week, the developers over at Sunrise Calendar published a pretty sweet update, especially for those that use Office 365. As you can now bring that calendar into Sunrise Calendar seamlessly. accounts are supported, for the most part. Which is a big plus as well.

Falcon Pro hits v1.3

Screenshot 2015-07-10 08.23.36


Another popular Twitter app in Falcon Pro has been updated. And it's now sitting at v1.3. It's gotten a few nice features in this update like Live Streaming. So now you're Twitter feed will keep auto updating instead of you needing to pull to refresh. You can set this live streaming to only work on WiFi though, as you'd expect, it does use a lot of data. There's also a new floating action button, which looks real slick in this material design app.

Alaska Airlines Updates their app, Finally

Screenshot 2015-07-10 08.25.29

If you've used Alaska Airlines Android app, you probably know exactly what we mean by the fact that it was super ugly. This week's update finally brought it into the 21st century with a slight material design update. The app isn't completely material, but it's much closer than the older version was. And it's also much nicer to use now.


Dropbox Got updated


This week, Dropbox got a pretty cool new feature. You've always been able to request files from other users. But now you are able to request files from multiple users with just one link. Which is going to be very handy for businesses that use Dropbox for everything. File requests are now available in Dropbox for Business, as the company made it available on July 7th. So that's a great feature to check out.

Tinder Gets Verified profiles

Tinder AH


Because every other social network has them. Now you'll know on Tinder if you're swiping left or right on a celebrity. As you'll see a little checkmark next to their name. Similar to how it's done on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. What will be interesting is if they keep it for just celebrities, athletes, etc., or open it up to other well-known people.