AH Weekly Poll: Favorite Feature From Android M Preview 2?

July 10, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

When Google announced and launched the Android M Developer Preview back during Google IO 2015 they mentioned that, like last year, with the Android L Developer Preview there would be at least one more version of this year’s dev preview for users. Sure enough, Google kept true to their word and dropped that version of the preview yesterday afternoon which led to a handful of new discoveries of added functions which weren’t present in the first version from a couple of months back.

In the Dev Preview, Android M brings in the capability to delete screenshots from the notification preview that shows up in the notification drop down panel. While not the most needed function, it certainly is a useful one to have which could save people a few second any time they make a mistake when grabbing a screenshot. This version of the dev preview also brought in some fixes and changes for the app drawer, with the letters denoting the app now being gone and the app drawer can now be put into landscape mode if it’s enabled. Google also made some memory tweaks in this version, and there’s a new function called the System UI Tuner which allows users to customize the status bar icons that appear, enabling the capability to remove everything but the battery icon and the clock if you so choose. As of now that’s all that’s been discovered or noticed, so the question is, which of these new functions or improvements is your favorite?

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