AH Weekly Poll: Would You Buy An Android Powered BlackBerry Venice?

July 3, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Over this past week we have seen the rumors surrounding the BlackBerry Venice start to heat up. Rumors of the first Android-powered BlackBerry have been around for a while, but very recently some details began to leak shedding light on the possible name of the phone, the Venice, and just yesterday a couple more leaks popped up, one stating the Venice would be launching on the AT&T network, another showing off the possible design of the QWERTY keyboard and part of the display with the familiar Lollipop navigation keys.

In addition to these leaks, another image surfaced this morning which showed off a more full-bodied picture of the device again appearing to be running on Lollipop. Now, everything should be taken as rumors for now since neither BlackBerry nor AT&T have confirmed any of these details. The fact remains though that the possibility for a BlackBerry running on Android remains more of a potential reality than it ever has. It’s also been rumored that BlackBerry will offer the Venice in one of two different variants, one with Android and one with BlackBerry 10 similar to the way HTC launched the One M8 last year with Android and Windows. So, the question is, would you buy the BlackBerry Venice if it was running on Android Lollipop?

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