Adopt The Right Measures To Ensure App Monetization Success


While most app developers are constantly looking for the one trick measure which will ensure maximum revenues, the truth of how to make an app successful, is becoming increasingly clearer. There is no absolute measure to app success but what there is, is ways and measures which can be employed or adhered to in an effort to increase the likelihood of an app's success. For those interested in maximising their app revenues, here are a few pointers, which if practised, should at least improve the chance of your app being successful.

First off, there are no rules as to when you can start thinking about how you will monetize your app. In fact, the earlier you think about this, the more likely that you will find the most suitable method of monetization for your app. Therefore, do not be afraid to start early in this respect and even if your app is not fully developed yet. That said, if you start to think early about which method of app monetization you want to employ, do not let your choice impact on the user experience. The use of app monetization is best realized when the intrusion on the user experience is minimal. This might sound counterintuitive, but the more blatant your methods of monetization are, the less impact they will have. Ads are a perfect example of this. Ads are one of the best app monetization models to increase your app revenues, however, if they are not implemented appropriately, they can do your app more harm than good. Therefore, if using ads, make sure they do not impact on the user experience more than they need to. Also, try and make sure the content of the ads are relative to the actual content of your app. If your revenue stream is based on per click, then you will have more chance of a user clicking through if the ad is relevant in content to the reason why they downloaded the app in the first place.


Speaking of content, did you know that a large number of popular apps are apps which are considered ones which fill a purpose? For instance, if you offer the user a valid reason to download your app then they will. Build an up without a purpose and fill it with unnecessary monetization measures, will not only ensure your app gets uninstalled, but will also make sure the reviews left for your app hamper further installs. Which brings us to the next point. When listing your app, ensure your app listings are as fruitful and purposeful as possible. Include valid screenshots which show the reason for your app (i.e. what it can do). Encourage people to review your app and generally look to increase the level of engagement between you, your users and the app. This is the same for descriptions, keywords and app listings. Ensure the information you provide about your app is relevant, informative and to the point. Do not confuse users but inform them.

Of course, the one sure way to guarantee that the app monetization models you are using are successful is to track the progress of the models you employ. As there is no one size fits all measure, do not be scared to try different courses of action. Monitor the results and this analysis will help you further decide which method is best working for your specific app and your specific app user base.

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