Acer Hosting Press Conference on Sept. 2nd in Berlin

July 24, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Acer just passed along a note to us that they will be holding a press conference at IFA this year, and it’ll be on September 2nd this year. Just a reminder that the press days for IFA this year are on September 2nd and 3rd, so we’ll have tons of press conferences going on that day. You’ll want to stay tuned to Android Headlines for all the details, as we’ll be live from Berlin that whole week covering every inch of that floor.

What exactly could Acer have in store for us this time around? We don’t really know, but looking at the invite, it appears that we might be seeing some gaming products from Acer. We will likely also see some new tablets, smartphones and Chromebooks in Berlin, as we often do from Acer. They are actually the top selling Chrome OS manufacturer right now. Which would make sense as they’ve been making them the longest and have the most variety of models available. Their C740 Chromebook just went up for sale not too long ago, and it’s a pretty decent successor to their C720.

IFA isn’t just a mobile show, it’s an electronics show. All of the smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, Laptops and such that will be on store shelves for the holidays will be announced at IFA in September. So expect some new goodies from Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and the many other manufacturers out there. The actual show kicks off on the 4th and runs through the weekend til the 9th. Although, everything will be announced on September 2nd and 3rd, during the media days. If you are heading to IFA, their booth will open up on the 4th to the public.

Acer is one of the few PC makers still turning a profit. And that’s largely because they’ve transitioned into doing Chrome OS devices as well as Android tablets and smartphones. Hopefully we’ll finally see a smartphone from Acer that will actually make it into North America. Typically their smartphones stay in Asia and Europe, unfortunately. But new Chromebooks are a pretty high possibility for IFA.