ZTE Partners With AVG For Pre-Installed Antivirus App

June 10, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

ZTE and AVG today have announced a new partnership which will see ZTE pre-install AVG’s Anti-Virus security suite app onto all of ZTE’s future handsets, as well as any handsets which have shipped from May of this year. With the rise in mobile security threats and an increased need of consumers to feel like their personal information is safe, it makes sense for ZTE to partner with one of the leading online security firms such as AVG which sees a total of 200 million monthly active users. With the pre-installation in place, AVG is sure to gain some more users with which to add to their already large footprint.

What’s more, is that customers who purchase ZTE phones will be getting the AVG Antivirus Pro app, not the free version, which means they’ll have the power of AVG’s full list of protection features guarding their device and the information on it. It’s worth noting though that the partnership terms only allow users a trial period of the Pro version app for sixty days, after which users will be required to pay for the annual fee for subscribing to AVG Anti-Virus Pro, or they can simply let the pro features subside and stick with AVG’s free features without having to do anything, meaning they can just leave the app on the device and the free protection will continue.

For users that choose to stick with the free version, there are a number of other competing options on the Play Store for virus and malware protection which may end up giving more of a full featured experience. That decision will have to be left up to the user, but it is worth contrasting AVG’s free security features against those from other free anti virus apps like CM Security. ZTE devices wouldn’t be the first to pre-install AVG’s security app, as devices from Sony like the Xperia Z3 came with AVG pre-installed as well. Those that don’t plan on using AVG on their new ZTE device can simply uninstall it, but a free trial is a free trial so there’s enough incentive to leave it be till the free use time runs out.