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YouTube has become one of the biggest entertainment platforms around, never mind just online. For many people, YouTube is now their go-to platform for entertaining and original content. The service has evolved from the unboxing fetish and fail videos of old into a service where original content and community engagement is celebrated regularly. It's also become not just a big money earner for Google, YouTube's parent company, but also for the content creators that make a living on YouTube. For those content creators, as well as viewers, YouTube has some interesting new features coming soon.

In their Creator Preview for June 2015, YouTube employees go over some new features and changes that are heading to YouTube a little later this year. Where mobile is concerned, YouTube will be cleaning up notifications, so that viewers don't get bombarded with push notifications, there'll be better controls for those looking to notify their subscribers of new content. The same goes for accessing subscriptions, which has been difficult to access on both desktop and mobile, but YouTube is working on improving this in a new version of the mobile app. YouTube made an appearance during the Google I/O 2015 keynote earlier this year concerning Virtual Reality, and these features will be coming in a future update as well.


The Creator Studio app on mobile is also getting some new features, with better analytics and insights heading to the app shortly, which should help content creators stay on top of things no matter where they are. More than just mobile changes and new features however are new cards, which overlay on top of a YouTube video to neatly suggest merchandise, new videos and will soon be improved to offer a link to other channels and videos from anywhere else on YouTube. The new card system is finally getting read to replace all those pesky bubbles on the desktop, and hopefully YouTube figure out a way of neatly bringing these to mobile with all the same features, included.

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