Xiaomi Sold More Than 6 Million Mi Bands To Date

June 15, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Xiaomi is China’s number one smartphone manufacturer, and in the top 5 smartphone OEMs in the world. This China-based smartphone OEM doesn’t manufacture only smartphones, not by a long shot. Xiaomi has a range of smart gadgets of all sorts, ranging from air purifiers and smart scales, all the way to smart TVs and Android-based mobile operating system. Xiaomi is also manufacturing smart bands, and the company’s smartband is called ‘Mi Band‘. This wearable is unbelievably affordable and it was somewhat easy to assume that it will sell well, and it did. According to a previous report from IDC, Xiaomi is now world’s second largest wearable vendor and hold 24.6% of the market. This is quite staggering considering Xiaomi still hasn’t announced their smartwatch or anything of the sort, so, the Mi Band has to be selling well, right? It sure is, read on.

Xiaomi’s spokesman revealed the sales numbers of Xiaomi’s smartband, and according to the company, they managed to sell over 6 million Mi Band units as of June 10th. This fitness tracker / smartband is manufactured in cooperation with Huami, and costs only $12. This small wearable is very versatile though, it can track your fitness routine without a hitch and it also has sleep tracking capabilities. The LED lights are located on top of it, and it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. What about its battery? Well, it can go up to 30 days without a charge, which is quite impressive. Xiaomi is actually expected to announce the Mi Band 2 in the coming months, at least according to a number of leaks we’ve seen earlier this year.

There you have it folks, it seems like the Mi Band is selling really well, and has helped Xiaomi become the world’s second largest wearables OEM. The company might announce the Mi Band 2 and Mi Smartwatch before this year ends, but we still can’t confirm that. Either way, the rumors have been saying that the Mi Band will be equipped with an NFC chip and that it will sport a screen this time around. We don’t have almost any information when it comes to the Xiaomi-branded smartwatch, but some rumors have said that the company is working on it. Anyhow, stay tuned, we’ll report back as soon as additional info surfaces.