Wireless Receiver Patch Gives the G4 Wireless Charging

As we become a more mobile world, we are demanding much from our smartphones.  However, in doing so, we are also demanding a lot from a simple battery, whose technology, while improved greatly, still needs to be recharged on a regular basis.  To that end, we are starting to think more along the lines of wireless charging - being able to sit down in a conference room, at your desk, at your local Starbucks or McDonalds and simply place your phone on a wireless charging pad as you work, drink or eat...insuring you are always carrying a charged battery.

Some of the newer smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge already have wireless charging capabilities built into the device, needing only a charging pad to charge your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge.  Some devices are ready for wireless charging, but they want you to buy a new back cover in order to use a charging pad...one such device is the beautiful new LG G4, which even comes with a leather back as well as the standard plastic back.  It was very disappointing to many customers whom just spent hundreds of dollars for a new flagship smartphone, only to be told they have to buy an optional back for the wireless charging to work.

This is where Fonesalesman steps in - they are launching the G4 SlimPWRpatch for all LG G4 smartphones allowing them to become an instant wireless charging device.  The first of its kind, a new wireless charging receiver made specifically for the LG G4.  The new G4 SlimPWRpatch is the thinnest receiver on the market and can even be used on the back of your leather-backed G4.  It is simply a small 'patch' that adheres to the inside of the back of your LG G4, be it the plastic back or leather back.  Instantly, your LG G4 is ready to sit on a Qi wireless charger and of course Fonesalesman makes those as well.

The G4 SlimPWRpatch will cost you about $31.50 (£19.99).  They also carry a beautiful wireless charger called a 'WoodPuck,' and the Bamboo Edition, shown in the above picture, is crafted from Mao Zhu Bamboo and blends in any environment...it will cost you about $62.98.  They also have a QiStone+ that takes wireless charging to a different level - it is a 4,000mAh power bank that fits in the palm of your hand - you actually charge the 'stone' either with a wire or on a wireless charger and take it with you.  You can then set your device on the QiStone+ (without plugging it in) and it will charge your mobile device.  It will cost you about $71.  All devices should be shipping as of June 30.

Bavan Palasanthiran, the founder of Fonesalesman, comments, "Charging your smartphone has become a constant pain for so many people, and running out of charge is something that happens way too often.  That's why we've decided to create the G4 SlimPWRpatch, so customers with the new LG G4 can enjoy Wireless Charging too.  Our products are all about convenience for the users and we can't wait for people to experience the world of Wireless Charging."

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