Wear Weekly: My Choice for Father's Day


It's Father's Day shortly, and that means that you need to start thinking of gift ideas. Of course, many of you will have already thought of your ideas and bought them already, but there are last minute options. Especially in the age of Amazon Prime and magical ninja delivery drivers. Watches have always been a great idea for Father's Day, regardless of how much you spend, a watch means something to your Father. Of course, not everyone even needs a watch these days, so that leaves us with the smartwatch. Yes, yes I know your Dad doesn't want a smartwatch, or does he?

My Father was 69 this year, born 1946, and you would probably think that he wants very little to do with technology, and that's a fair assumption to make. However, my Dad has always loved Android, and in fact jumped onboard with the original T-Mobile G1. Yep, my Dad's a cool guy alright. He has an LG G3 and a G Watch, the original one and has had it since last Summer. There are days he doesn't wear it, mostly when dealing with machines, but he loves messing around with Google voice searches, and enjoys getting messages on his wrist.


There comes a point as an adult that you have to start showing your appreciation for your parents' hard work raising you, and a nice gift goes a long way. An Android Wear watch might not seem like that smart an idea, but when you consider that watches like the Watch Urbane look great and offer some cool features, it starts to make sense. The Watch Urbane is a real looker and it's very traditional in its look, too. If you have to get a watch that your Father can wear to work, then this is a pretty good choice, although you might end up buying one for yourself as well. With the Apple Watch having just launched, there's bound to be lots of users out there that want that sort of functionality, but don't know about Android Wear, so a Watch Urbane would be a great gift. As would any other Android Wear watch, and might go a long way to making your Dad feel a little younger.

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