Video Shows Galaxy S6 Active Put Through AT&T Life Simulator

June 18, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Samsung making smartphones is nothing new. Samsung making videos is also nothing new. In fact, when it comes to Samsung, the two go very much hand in hand. Whenever Samsung releases a new smartphone, they release a bombardment of new videos to go along with the phone. It is a marketing strategy Samsung have employed for a long time and one which seems to do them well. If nothing else, it does draw attention to their products.

Take the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge for instance. These are Samsung’s most recent flagship smartphone offerings and since their release, the internet has been awash with videos detailing the various features of the twin S6 devices, their abilities and even the odd reference (or jibe) thrown in Apple’s direction. Of course, with the twin S6 devices being the strongest devices Samsung have released for a long time, it should not be surprising that this release period has seen one of the strongest number of promos being released. That said, they have calmed down in recent weeks. What was once a daily occurrence, is much more of a weekly and biweekly one now.

That said, Samsung have just released the newest member of the S6 family, the Galaxy S6 Active. This may be an AT&T exclusive, but that is unlikely to stop Samsung pushing the device hard and releasing more videos. After all, the Active variant offers some unique benefits over the standard twin S6 devices, including an IP68 waterproof rating and also a reinforced (albeit plastic) body which can withstand greater drops and impact. Not to mention, one of the major criticisms of the twin S6s was battery life and the Active variant comes sporting a massive 3,500mAh battery inside. So how best to advertise the Active version of the Galaxy S6? That’s easy! Make a promotional video showcasing how you test the device and that is exactly what has happened. Well, to be fair, this is actually an AT&T promo for the Galaxy S6 Active. The new advert shows the Active variant being put through a fictional AT&T ‘Life Simulator’. In short, how it is prepared to make sure it is ready for the daily issues you might face with the S6 Active. Of course, not all of these are likely to happen as some are a little strange to say the least. The video is short but nonetheless worth watching. You can check it out for yourself by clicking play below.