Vessel Beta Hits Android With Exclusive Video Content

Watching videos on YouTube is probably one of the single greatest ways anyone can get access to virtually anything they're looking to see, whether it's the latest review of a product you're interested in buying or another episode from one of your favorite content creators. Wouldn't it be nice if you had exclusive access to some of this content before it gets uploaded to the web? If you're keen on having the latest details on certain stuff before your friends and family, this has probably undoubtedly crossed your mind. Well, Vessel, a new beta app for Android gives users this kind of exclusive access to specific videos days before they get uploaded to the YouTube platform for the rest of the world to see.

Vessel is a subscription based service with the content creators getting a percentage of the monthly sub fees that Vessel acquires, which gives the content creators the incentive to upload to the Vessel platform. It's used by the creators who are already uploading via YouTube with the ad revenue as a means to gain some additional monetization for their content, of which Vessel says there are already 130 creators to browse through. The app as stated above is currently in beta form so there could be more features coming in the future to the app, or they could very well be some changes down the line as well from things which users might see now.

As this app is based on a monthly subscription, this means users get access to the content with less ads present, however, there is an option to continue using Vessel's free service which is basically the videos with more ads inserted, using what Vessel is calling a "motion poster," which is an animated static image that users see as they're scrolling through content. Either way, it's an entirely different platform from YouTube if that's what you're looking for. Content on Vessel includes things like Machinima, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Epic Meal Time and more. The subscription fee for those interested in checking it out is $2.99 a month, so if you test out the beta platform and like what you see, you can opt to pay for the sub and get everything earlier than other watching the free version or watching the same content on other platforms.

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