Verizon: True Wireless Confessions - 90% use in Bathroom

Did you ever wonder what people do with their smartphones when nobody is looking - are others doing the same thing you do when you think you are alone?  Verizon Wireless was wondering the same thing so they conducted a survey, took the results and named it, 'True Wireless Confessions: How people REALLY use their devices.'  The survey results were compiled from more than 6,000 responses from Verizon Wireless social connections between 4/1/2015 - 4/15/2015 and you may be surprised at some of their answers.  Interesting...yes, informative...certainly, entertaining...most definitely!

For starters, Verizon wanted to know just how tech oriented the users were in our survey and they determined that 44-percent consider themselves Tech Savvy and 26-percent are Tech Gurus.  Tech Neutrals make up 16-percent of the population, 10-percent are Tech Cautious and 4-percent actually classified themselves as Tech Phobic.  However, no matter how you classify yourself, 77-percent turn their smartphone on first thing in the morning and 52-percent turn on their device before they even get out of bed and another 25-percent turn it on with their morning coffee.  They never said when the other 23-percent turn on their smartphone, but if they are like me, I never turn mine off at night while it is charging. Once we do turn on our smartphones in the morning, 47-percent of the users never intentionally leave their device at home, but 34-percent will leave it at home if it's family time...although I think most people would gladly leave their work device at home when out with the family.

It may come as no surprise, but 40-percent of the users admit to using their smartphone at the dinner table, in the middle of a conversation or during a movie.  Another 25-percent use their device during a meeting, in a school meeting or classroom, on a date, and God church.  When they are using their device in these locations, 49-percent are sending texts, 37-percent are checking in with social media and 34-percent are emailing.

What offends smartphone users the most?  Well, 80-percent are offended when others use their device while trying to interact with them - have you seen or been one of those customers that keeps talking on their smartphone when they are also trying to check out at a cash register...very annoying I know.  However, 82-percent of the device users know they are offending others when they do that, but they admit to doing it anyway!

In an effort to toot their own horn, Verizon also asked a couple of questions that were skewed towards their networks quality.  70-percent of Verizon customers have let someone borrow their phone to make a call when that person could not get service from another carrier.  Also, 76-percent of Verizon customers have used their device where others with them had no service with their own carrier.

Verizon's study also shows how many of us multitask as nearly 90-percent use their mobile phone while in the bathroom.  You know who you seems as though the smartphone may have taken over as the replacement for the magazine or newspaper reading.  With the wireless word at your fingertips, you can check up on text messages, emails or social media...oh yeah, you can also read news articles as well!

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