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Just like the U.S. has their Big Four – Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, Canada has their Big Three – Rogers, Bell and TELUS.  There are always studies being done to determine which carrier is the best at what they do – RootMetrics continually performs studies, but the latest one looks at their overall performance, network reliability and network speed.  This study is one of eight they are doing for Canadian metros during 2015 and the first report looks at the Vancouver area.  Their report shows that there has been significant shifts this past year in the performance of the major mobile carriers in Vancouver.

RootScore Reports "provide an accurate, independent and consumer-focused assessment of mobile network performance."  In order to evaluate the carriers in Vancouver, RootMetrics performed 25, 518 call, data and text tests during all hours of the day and night during April 2015.  The smartphones used were purchased at carrier's retail locations and tests were conducted indoors and outdoors in 41 locations.  They also performed tests while driving about 1,605 km (about 997 miles) across the Vancouver metro area.  RootMetrics covered all the bases to make sure that a fair picture of all carriers would be represented.

The study shows there was a big change from last year's findings when Rogers won the Overall Performance Award.  TELUS and Bell are now tops for overall performance in the Vancouver metro area, jumping ahead of Rogers.  In fact, the two carriers won four out of five performance categories ranked by RootMetrics – they showed near-perfect reliability and achieved major gains in speed in data performance.  WIND Mobile is lagging behind the other carriers and finished fourth in all categories, but they need to build out their LTE network, so it will be a while before they do any catching up.


Some of the highlights from the study as reported by RootMetrics – "Telus dramatically increased its median download speed by 11 points, from 14.8 Mbps to 25.8 Mbps – Its median upload speed jumped more than 14 points, from 4.2 Mbps to 18.4 Mbps – Bell also showed impressive speed improvements from the second half of 2015, with its median download speed jumping from 17.0 Mbps to 23.8 Mbps since the previous round of testing, and its median upload speed increasing nearly eight points, from 6.8 Mbps to 15.0 Mbps – Rogers still recorded the fastest median download and upload speeds at a blazing-fast 35.2 Mbps and 20.2 Mbps, respectively – Telus and Bell shared the Call and Text RootScore Awards, while Telus won the Data Performance RootScore Award outright – Rogers did not finish first in any mobile performance categories, after winning outright or sharing the top rankings in all categories in the previous round of testing."

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