UMi Iron Will Be 7.9mm Thick, Sport A Full Metal Body

June 12, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

UMi has released several UMi Iron teasers thus far, referring to the company’s upcoming smartphones. We’ve seen the leaked image of the device, which didn’t reveal all that much info though, and we also know that Android 5.1 Lollipop will come pre-installed on this handset. That’s not all though, the phone will also ship with 3GB of RAM on the inside, the company has confirmed that via a teaser image as well. This handset is going to launch on June 23, and the company is trying to hype up the release of this smartphone even further, yet another official teaser image has been posted to Facebook.

If you take a look at the provided image, you’ll notice that it confirms the full metal body design, and also says that the phone will be 7.9mm thick. We still don’t have that many info when it comes to specifications though, but we’re guessing that this smartphone will ship with 16 or 32GB of internal storage, and it’s possible that you’ll be able to expand the internal storage. We’re pretty sure that UMi plans to release more teasers before the actual launch occurs, so you can expect more info to follow when it comes to UMi Iron. All in all, it seems like UMi intends to release a rather capable smartphone here, which was to be expected considering this will be their flagship offering. You can expect quite powerful specs on the inside, and quite probably a rather affordable price point. Either way, stay tuned for more info.