Top Android Homescreen June 7th: Tiles

June 7, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

We’ve got another homescreen for you to check out this week if you’re looking for something to give your phone a fresh new design. This one is called Tiles, and was created by Behemoth over on mycolorscreen. Just like with all our homecsreen picks, we’ll go over what apps you’ll need to install if you want to recreate this setup for yourself, and then we’ll go over the basics of how to set everything up so the homescreen design is complete. If you like this design, be sure to hit the love button over on the mycolorscreen page to show some appreciation for the hard work of the creator.

So what apps do you need to get this homescreen working on your own device? First and foremost you’ll need a third-party home launcher to customize your homescreen, so grab Nova Prime as suggested by the creator to get things started. Secondly, you’ll also need Zooper Widgets Pro, and you’ll also need the actual Zooper skin which you can grab from the Play Store here. Lastly you’ll want to pick up Media Utilities if you’re planning on configuring the music controls for the music portion of the widget.

As far as set up goes, start by navigating into the Nova settings and changing your homescreen grid. Set the grid to 10 rows and 5 columns with no margins, then go back to the main settings page and locate as well as disable the dock and the scroll bar options. Next, make sure you only have one homescreen page as there will be two widgets which take up a 5 x 5 space each to fill out the grid space you set up. From here long press on the homescreen and add a 5 x 2 widget for each of the Tiles widgets, then resize both to 5 x 5. For the Media Utilities settings, open up the app, go to settings, and check box Zooper Widget, use alternative data collection, attempt direct control, maker coverart available, and send song progress and you’re done. If you followed the steps everything should be set up as displayed in the image. Have a great rest of the weekend and happy theming!