Top Android Homescreen June 21st: Fallout Pip Boy

June 21, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

It’s Sunday, which means the weekend is almost over and it also means we have a new homescreen picked out for you all to try. This week’s pick pays homage to gamers and one of the most popular game franchises, Fallout. It’s themed after the Pip Boy (basically a smartwatch like device worn by the main character in the game series) and is available as a Themer setup if you use that home launcher, but we’ll be going over the version meant for use with other third party launchers which requires a little more setup than simply installing a themer theme and applying it. We’ll go over the apps you need to get this design on your device, as well as give you the basics of how to set it up.

First things first, install the needed apps and the skin to get started. You’ll need a third-party home launcher for this, the creator states Nova Prime will be the one to pick, so go ahead and grab that. Second, you’ll also need to install Zooper Widgets Pro, and Media Utilities, and lastly you’ll need to install the Fallout Pip Boy skin from the Play Store. Once you have those installed you can proceed with setting up your homescreen to recreate this look.

Once you have all of the things listed above installed, you’ll want to go into settings and make sure to disable the dock and the status bar. from there just navigate back to the homescreen and long press to add a widget, scroll and select Zooper, then select any size widget and select the Fallout Pip Boy skin. Apply a resizing as needed to whatever  size you want. Repeat the process for the remaining widgets. If you’re a Fallout fan, impress your friends with this cool Pip Boy homescreen theme.