Titanium Backup Updated With Support For Android M Preview

June 10, 2015 - Written By John Anon

There are many reasons to root your device. However, one of the essential benefits of doing so, is to have more control over your device, its data and so on. In particular, when it comes to backing up. Rooting and installing a custom recovery, will offer you the ability to effectively snapshot your phone as it is and save that snapshot as a nandroid backup which is ready to be installed again at any point. Should things go wrong, or should you try something else. However, installing an app like Titanium Backup gives you much finer and granular control over your backed up data.

Anyone who has already tried Titanium Backup, well know that this is one of the go-to apps for the rooted community. It is one which does consistently appear in top app lists and is one that is likely to be one of the first apps you download after rooting. This is thanks to the level of backing up that the app can do. Unlike broader backups, Titanium Backup offers the ability to isolate specific apps and just back them up and their data. Likewise, you do not have to blanket restore a backup when needed and can simply just restore the snapshot of the app and data, taken by Titanium Backup.

Well, if you are one of those who are already running the Android M developer preview, or if you are one of those who plans to run Android M the second it becomes available for your device, then you might be interested to know that the app has just been updated with support for the Android M preview. This is quite an achievement seeing how long Android M has been released for. Not to mention, it is still only a preview mode. The other benefit of the new updated Titanium Backup is that if you own a Nexus device and are already running the M preview and had previously been using Titanium Backup, then now you can restore all your apps and data to your updated M preview device. Not to mention, that if you had avoided the Android M preview because of this exact reason, then there is no need to anymore. You can see what else is coming with the latest update from the changelog in the image below.