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One aspect of developing an app that a lot of developers don't spend time on is promoting the app. Or marketing your app. Think about it, you've just created this killer app and pushed it into the Play Store, where there are over a million other apps. How hard will it be for users to discover your app? Pretty difficult. This is where marketing comes in. Getting the word out about this app, so people actually know it's out there. We're going to be giving you some tips today, on how to market your app to users, and also how to keep them interested in the app.

App Development

While preparing your app and developing it, it's important to get together a plan for marketing the app. If this is your first app, you likely don't need to hire someone to do marketing for your app. But once you have a few apps that are doing well, it's a good idea. As they will have more expertise to market your app(s). One of the more popular ways to build up hype for your new app is to create a website. And tell everyone what your app is about. Also add a blog element to the site, where you can share teasers and let everyone know what's going on. Email subscriptions is a good idea too. This way you can get a database of users and email them all at once when the app is available. You'll also want to create a page on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ (possibly other social networks as well) to promote your app. You'll be using this a bit more later on.

Launching the App

It's launch day. Some of the most important things to do on launch day is let the media know. With so many apps coming out, many sites can't keep up with every app. So put out a press release, some press images and even a product video. Send them to sites that cover the platform you've developed on. Whether that's Android or iOS. You'll also want to announce the launch of your new app on your social media profiles. Both your personal accounts and the pages created for your page. This is to get as many eyes on the news as possible.

Keeping Users Interest

This is arguably the toughest part of marketing an app. Your app has been on the store for a month or so, and the "new" smell has worn off. How do you keep your users interested in the app? There are a number of ways. One is to get feedback. User feedback is invaluable. As it helps you, the developer, figure out exactly what users are wanting from this app. And giving the users what they want.

Another popular way to keep users interest, or more specifically get more users interested, is to keep reaching out to websites and YouTubers for reviews. That will push the hype a bit more and get more users interested in your app. Another thing that should be looked into is Android monetization. Especially if you'd like to do this as a full-time job and not as a side hobby.

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