Tidal Music-Streaming Service Has Big Changes Coming

Tidal is a music-streaming service that is a tad bit different from the competition. The service was recently launched by Jay-Z and essentially offers everything that other popular music-streaming services such as Spotify do. The big difference here is the idea behind the service, giving the money back to artists. Jay-Z, as many artists these days do, has the belief that music-streaming services are taking all of the money and leaving the artists themselves with virtually nothing, which isn't that far from the truth.

So far, Tidal hasn't necessarily received the best press or following, but that may soon change. Today Tidal announced that they have some pretty significant changes and additions to the service in the works. These new changes include the following; apps for both Windows and Mac, $4.99 student pricing, a partnership with Ticketmaster, and last but not least, redesigned mobile apps for Android and iOS. Speaking of the redesigned apps, this redesign will also include some new features. Said features are improved search, new "offline mode" button, and new personalization options.

Perhaps the most important change here is something that should be discussed, the new $4.99 student pricing. This means that anybody with a .edu email address can take advantage of all of Tidal's services for just $5 per month, that's an entire 50% off normal pricing. This student discount will also apply to the more expensive tier of Tidal, the Hi-Fi plan. This plan delivers users extremely high audio quality music for $20 per month, but with the student discount you can have this for only $10 per month.

This is a very coincidental time for Tidal to be incorporating so many new features and offering a significantly lower price point. Apple's big WWDC conference is right around the corner and it is here that Apple will supposedly finally unveil their long-rumored music streaming service. This music streaming service is rumored to shake-up the music-streaming service world and give other services a run or their money. But Tidal isn't about to let that happen to them, so they decided to beat Apple to the punch and announce all of these new features despite them not even being available for weeks.

There is no doubt that these are some fantastic features that are coming to Tidal in the near future, but will it be enough to keep up with whatever Apple has in store for WWDC? Only time will answer that one, but at the end of the day competition is a good thing.

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