Three Ways To Get Your App Marketing Off the Ground


Now that you've developed your app, it's passed through final testing and it's ready to be released into the wilds of the app stores, you'll need to get yourself noticed. In 2015 it's not enough to rest on the "build it, and they will come" mantra any more. Competition is fierce, and unless your app somehow revolutionizes the way we look at the universe, chances are there are tens of similar apps already in the app store. So, what can you do to get things started, before you go off and explore marketing agencies or android monetization avenues? Well, here are three of the best ways to get your app marketing strategy off the ground.

App Store Optimization

It's more than likely that you've heard of Search Engine Optimization and how vital it can be to an online business, App Store Optimization is much the same. To put it bluntly, you could consider ASO to be gaming the system, to make sure your app is ranked higher than others. There are many factors that can help with this, but changing things regularly and making sure your listing doesn't just sit stagnant in the Play Store is one of the better ways to keep on top of things. You'll need to hook onto certain search times and make sure your listing is as it should be right from the get go, too. You could also try the new "Experiments" from Google, these allow developers to play around with different assets and Play Store listings in an A/B test style to see which one brought in the most new users. If your app isn't ranked highly in the Play Store, then there's a good chance that you'll miss out on valuable installs and exposure, so ASO should be a high priority on your list.

Define Your Target Audience

Exploring marketing options and your social media strategies is great and all, but you need to know who to market to. After all, there's no point in marketing the latest Zombie killing game to a family-orientated user, and vice-versa. The best way to get started with this is to explore focus groups and feedback from small, select groups from different demographics and rate their responses to your app. If the below 30 group responded well, then you can focus on that demographic a little more, for instance. Certain age groups and demographics respond differently to certain marketing. For instance, those below 25 can be reached on pretty much any social media platform ever made, but those over 30 or so are more likely to stick to Facebook, email and of course the native app store. Exploring your options and finding the best group to target will help your money go further, should you decide to invest in further marketing.


Build Up Some Hype

Even if your ASO is great, and you're ready to flip the switch and unleash your latest and greatest unto the world, when it goes live, things can be a little…quiet. With so many options available to people these days, it's no wonder that users get excited for something that's coming. As such, it's always good to build up some pre-launch hype, getting people talking about your new app or game on social media is akin to free advertising, and the greater the anticipation and buzz before you launch, the better your first wave of installs and results will be. So many apps hit the Play Store without any prior announcement or advertising that they quickly get forgotten, starting off strong before your app has even launched is a great start to a long-lasting and successful app marketing strategy.

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