Third Gen Moto X Allegedly Leaked, Comes in Two Sizes


Motorola's total reinvention started with the Moto X just two years ago, a device that debuted with a completely different look at how a flagship phone was supposed to operate.  Instead of focusing on bleeding edge specs Motorola used what was proven to work via a nearly year-old chipset, but backed it up with custom hardware and software that is still unparalleled outside of their own products.  The shining star was Moto Voice which can be found on both the first and second generation Moto X phones and powers a completely hands-free way to use many functions on your phone.  One of the biggest selling points of the original Moto X was the size as well, coming in at 4.7-inches and filling a gap that was quickly closing in the world of Android phones.

While sales of the original Moto X were lukewarm Motorola decided that maybe the size was a factor in the original not selling as well as they had hoped.  The second generation Moto X featured a much larger display and body, as well as beefed up specs that mostly competed with the higher-end phones on the market at the time.  This year it looks like Motorola may be changing up their strategy once again, this time keeping the 5.2-inch model as well as producing one that's larger at 5.64-inches as well.  It's a bit odd to see a manufacturer put out two devices so close in size, but the latest rumors coming out of China's supply line are saying just that.


In addition to these little tidbits we're getting a look at what the third generation Moto X is supposed to look like, and it feels like it falls right in line with Motorola's evolution over the past two years.  Featuring a wood back, aluminum trim all the way around and a large metal stripe on the back between the camera and the Motorola logo the third generation Moto X looks very much like a refined second generation one.  Motorola has been quite a revolutionary when it comes to using alternate materials such as leather and wood on phones, and it makes sense for them to push these materials right out of the gate this time too.  In addition to these features it seems that they're packing this with 3GB of RAM, Android 5.1.1, a Quad-HD screen and even a USB Type C reversible port on the bottom.  It's also possible that this could be the phone with the new unbreakable display that's been rumored lately which could make it one of the hottest phones of the year if true.

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