Tech Talk: All 14 Known Google "Moonshot" Projects Explained


Google is one of the few companies that have stated their thirst for innovation alone has motivated them to launch a certain product or service. With several of the most creative minds working as their employees, it is a normal occurrence to hear about some rather unusual ideas. Chances are that most of these concepts will never make it as a fully-fledged product, as they are way too far-fetched to move on into the development phase. Luckily for everyone, there is a small group of these innovative products or services hand-chosen by Google to become more than just a wild idea. The whole world has gotten to know some of these products, like Google Glass, or the self-driving car project, along with services such as a hybrid network, and even a company called Calico with the sole purpose of "curing death". Truth is that there is a countless amount of ideas being proposed at Google every day, but not every single one has been publicly announced; with that in mind, here are all the crazy ideas the internet giant is currently incubating.

Google Glass


AH Google Glass

The first project and probably the most anticipated is called Google Glass; although this product was already announced and even being sold to developers for testing, numerous reasons made the company move back in development and change several key aspects of Glass. Many tech enthusiasts have become increasingly anxious to know what Google changed with the wearable computer for the next version.

Self-Driving Cars


Google Self-Driving Car

Driverless cars is another service that is being thoroughly tested and currently developed by the Google X labs (an area at Google dedicated to these kind of "moonshot" projects). The future of driving, as numerous reports have called the project, is still far away from becoming a consumer product, but if you live in Mountain View, California, Google's self-driving cars are already a normal sight.

Project Loon


project loon

Since the year 2013, Google has been testing a project called Loon in New Zealand with the hopes to eventually launch the project worldwide. Google's Project Loon aims to provide users located in rural areas all around the world with an internet connection. The ambitious project will give users the ability to be connected with the rest of the world no matter where they live.

Smart Contact Lenses


Contact lens

Google is also developing smart contact lenses that will help users with diabetes to accurately monitor and control their sugar levels. This is achieved by measuring the level of glucose in their tears, which can actually describe the amount of sugar in the rest of their organism.

Drone Delivery


Drone with Package

Drones have a wide variety of uses, one of which Google is taking advantage of. The internet giant is willing to directly compete with Amazon by using drones to deliver packages, although Google's approach aims to have more reach in order to deliver packages to the most remote places.

Tremor-Cancelling Spoon



Google has a history of buying out smaller companies that have innovative and useful products with a lot of promise to improve the lives of their customers. As it is the case with Lift Labs, a relatively small company acquired by Google in late 2014. Working with Google, Lift Labs developed a tremor-cancelling spoon to help patients with Parkinson's disease.

Clean Energy Kites


makani kite

Google has always had a great concern for the environment, this becomes apparent with some of the company's innovations and ideas. Currently, Google is developing an unprecedented project which consists of a number of kites with built-in wind turbines to generate clean power.



Calico is a Google-owned company with one of the most ambitious goals in human history. With Calico, Google is researching how to essentially "cure death" by fighting the normal aging speed, ultimately extending the human lifespan.

Project Tango

AH Project Tango-2

Project Tango is a tablet with several sensors that are able to sense and track motion in a three-dimensional space, with many useful applications. This Google project was unveiled a while ago, but it is still undergoing development to improve its performance.

Project Ara

Project Ara-10

Project Ara is one of the most anticipated inventions that Google has announced. It basically allows the user to build their own smartphone by choosing from different components. The modular smartphone will let users have the latest hardware features without having to buy a brand new device.

Project Fi

Project fi

Project Fi has been the under the spotlight for a while now and is currently going through a private testing phase. Project Fi is a hybrid network created in partnership with T-Mobile and Sprint, users will be able to pay only for the data they use instead of paying for a standard monthly fee.

Project Jacquard


There are several ways to control your smartphone, such as voice, touch. Project Jacquard aims to give users a new way to control their smartphones by touching their own clothes. This new kind of smart fabric has the goal to create smarter clothes that are able to interact with the wearer.

Project Vault


Project Vault is a the next step in security. Vault consists of a completely secure computer that runs on your already existing computer's SD card.

Spotlight Stories


Google is also developing a new way to watch movies called Spotlight Stories. The already-available invention lets the user become more engaged with movies by watching them in a full 360-degree angle. Currently, a movie called "Help!" is available from Fast & Furious director Justin Lin.

Google shows that it is not by any means slowing down in terms of innovation; with new projects and ideas being pitched every day by some of the greatest minds on the planet, the internet giant will continue to surprise the whole world with new products and services that will make everyone's lives easier and ultimately better.