T-Mobile's Never Settle For Verizon Promotion Extended

T Mobile Never Settle

Verizon’s Never Settle ad campaign has been going on for awhile and the red carrier has invested a ton of money into it. Well, a few weeks ago T-Mobile took it upon themselves to make fun of this Verizon campaign while simultaneously getting some of big reds customers to switch over to T-Mobile. T-Mobile did this by starting a promotion cleverly named ‘Never Settle For Verizon.’

The Never Settle For Verizon promotion allows Verizon customers to give the T-Mobile network a trial run for 14 days. T-Mobile will give these Verizon customers a smartphone and access to their network for these 14 days. If the customers don’t like what they see after this 14-day period then they can simply return the T-Mobile phone and move on with their Verizon lives. But, if they do end up preferring the T-Mobile service over their existing Verizon service then they can easily get their phone number ported over and early termination fee paid off by T-Mobile. There is absolutely no obligation put on the customers to switch over to T-Mobile either. This promotion was launched back on May 13th and was originally only supposed to run up till May 31st. Today though, T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere took to Twitter with some news. He stated that T-Mobile would be extending the Never Settle For Verizon promotion all the way through the 27th of this month. That gives you Verizon customers who were thinking about taking advantage of this promotion an extra 27 days to do so.

T-Mobile gives some reasons as to why Verizon customers would possibly want to give the T-Mobile network a try. Here is the list of pain points that T-Mobile provided; paying too much, a slower LTE network, limited data, two-year service contracts, overages, international overcharging, limited Wi-Fi calling, and hidden fees. These are all actual pain points of a significant amount of Verizon customers, but not all of them. For those of you that do have these pain points, you should give this T-Mobile promotion some serious consideration. You can take a look at one of the ads for the promotion below.