Sprint's New 'All-In' Plan Will Cost You $80 A Month

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Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T are the biggest carriers in the US. Each of these companies has its positives and negatives, but they’re constantly trying to improve in order to get consumers to use their networks. Sprint has announced yesterday that their ‘Direct 2 You‘ service will be available in four additional cities in the US, and the company has something else to show us now. Sprint Corp has announced a new cellular phone plan, let’s see what they have to offer, shall we.

Sprint has announced that they’ll offer a new $80 a month cellular phone plan which will include both service and smartphone devices fees. Sprint is hoping that this plan will appeal to consumers which are finding regular plans overly complicated. Anyhow, the company’s ‘All-in’ plan will get you unlimited talk, data and text for $60, and you’ll pay the additional $20 to lease the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the Apple iPhone 6.

As some of you might know, Sprint is currently the third biggest carrier in the US, and the company is trying to change that. Sprint wants to close the gap with the carriers which are currently placed above them in the food chain. Sprint had some interesting plans to offer in the past, and it will certainly going to be interesting to see if this new offering will be a good move for the company, in other words, how many consumers will actually use it.

The regular two-year contracts are used less and less nowadays, and it seems like more and more carriers are opting for monthly phone leasing along with offering service fees. “The natural evolution of the industry is to advertise both combined: cost of the device and the rate plan, put them together and tell the customer what’s the rate all in,” said Kevin Crull, Sprint’s Chief Marketing Officer. Sprint’s CEO, Marcelo Claure, added that the ‘All-in’ plan is a straightforward solution, and that there will be no surprises for Sprint consumers with this plan.

Anyhow, Sprint’s new offering will also include a $36 activation fee, which you’ll have to pay for only once, of course. This plan should start rolling out today in case you’re interested, let’s see how successful will this move be for the third biggest carrier in the US.