Sprint Signs David Beckham to Tackle Competitors in New Ad


Recently, Sprint unveiled a new "All-in" unlimited plan that offers customers unlimited data, unlimited calls and unlimited SMS messages, all in one single plan. These plans are of course Sprint's answer to the potentially confusing structure that T-Mobile offers, as the expensive plans of both Verizon and AT&T, of whom neither even offer unlimited data. Sprint's new plans aren't exactly crystal clear, but the idea of paying $60 for your service and then $20 to lease your device, certainly sounds a lot easier than going to one of the other three. To drive the point home, Sprint has signed David Beckham up to help point out the confusing and perhaps misleading nature of contracts and terms from the other three, and of course paint Sprint in the best possible light.

The ad is fairly predictable, really. It starts with Mr Beckham simply looking for an unlimited plan, something that many of us can relate to, and as he does he bumps into more obstacles along the way at each stop. David Beckham has become a big name in the US, perhaps because of his relatable appearances on talk shows and of course, his stint playing for LA Galaxy and boosting Soccer's reception in the US. In the ad, Beckham is painted as a man of the people, and he takes 'his people' to Sprint in the end to sign up for a "truly unlimited" deal. Sprint's latest move should certainly move away customers from AT&T and Verizon's high prices, but the question is whether or not these customers will stick with Sprint. Despite the enticing deal, Sprint's network is often panned as being one of the worse out there, which of course depends on where you are, but many might come up against obstacles. Besides, T-Mobile's data stash and fairly transparent terms of service might be a little more work, but they seem fair and reasonable to many.

Mr Beckham definitely puts out a little wisdom in these ads though; read the fine print. It's one thing to complain about the deal you're getting from your current network, but to not look into the terms and conditions of any plan or tariff is unadvisable. Everything seems complicated when you don't spend the time looking into things, Sprint's new plans aren't exactly cheap, despite them offering good value-for-money.



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