Spotify Starts Android Beta Testing Program For Users

June 9, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Spotify is hailed as the most popular streaming music app available, which is bound to get even more popular once they roll out their new features. It appears that Spotify wants to give its loyal fans a way to test new features on the horizon before they’re rolled out to the public, and it’s doing this with a newly created beta community for users and a new Android beta program. Spotify began this program back on May 29th, and anyone who wasn’t already aware of it has a chance to be invited into the beta program. If you didn’t catch that, this isn’t a public beta and Android Spotify users will need to submit a request to be included.

Interested parties can do so by heading to the landing page for the sign ups, and to apply you also have to be a member of the Spotify community. Once users are part of the Spotify Android Beta Testing program they’ll be able to install a beta version of the app which allows them to test out any new upcoming features and improvements to the app. This is a fairly effective way to iron out any changes and get feedback on new things, and Spotify wouldn’t be the first to do this. It is nice however to see them joining in on this particular method of testing features with real users as opposed to in-house.

It’s also worth mentioning that once you’re accepted into the beta program you’ll also have to join the beta testing group on Google+ just as you would for any other app offering up a closed beta test. This group is also where you’ll end up getting access to a link to download and install the special beta version of Spotify for the program. Invites and space for the beta program seem to be limited so if you’re interested, sign up as soon as possible as there is no telling whether or not Spotify will do batches of invites or close things off completely once they have the desired amount of users. If you’re an avid Spotify user, this might be a good opportunity to check out new things coming to the app before it hits the public release.