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Kids Games Learning Math Basic is a game for Android from Greysprings, a company that has been producing quality software for Windows PCs for years now and now has over four different apps featured in App Annie's Top 20 rankings. Kids Games Learning Math Basic features a number of different games to help children master the basics when it comes to Math, such as even and odd numbers, choosing smaller and larger numbers as well as addition, subtraction, fractions and more. With fun, engaging games for KS1 and First Grade children up to 7 years old, Kids Games Learning Math Basic has a lot to offer, so let's take a closer look.

You can download Kids Games Learning Math Basic from the Play Store for free, so there's no entry fee to get started. Parents will notice that there's a settings menu just for them.


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To get into this parents menu, you need to correctly answer a fairly complicated math question, which is a nice touch.

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Sadly, the Parents' Corner does not have that much to offer in the long run, but it is nice to see that suggested apps aren't push to the kids when playing.

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The selection of games on offer here is nice and wide and while each one of them focuses on one particular basic concept, kids can come and choose which title they want to play, like the odds and evens game with the frog.


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At the end of each puzzle, the game will give you a rating out of three stars depending on how well you've done.

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This is some nice positive reinforcement for children, but after some time, these games can become quite repetitive, and I couldn't find a way to increase their difficulty or see any evidence of it increasing over time.

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The fish game that teaches kids how a sum works is nice the first few times, but after it just becomes too easy. I had my Mother, who is a Primary School Teacher of 7/8 year olds in the UK to take a look at the game and she said the same thing; it's nice, but it's too repetitive. Having said that, there are more difficult games such as the tens and ones game.


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Other games like that which test childrens' ability to tell the time feel out of place compared to the other games as well, as it seems difficult without any sort of guidance.

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Of course, this is not a classroom tool, but a game to help kids master the basics in a fun, and engaging manner. It does that fairly well, and the progression of rewards moving the boat along does keep things fresh for the children, too.

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Overall, I can see why Greysprings has become so successful over the years, as Kids Games Learning Math Basic has a lot going for it. It's colorful, the voiceovers are welcoming and positive and the whole game has been put together to a good standard and there's a good variety of games on offer, too. However, it seems to me that the games are fairly repetitive and there's little that changes in terms of difficulty. Still, this is a title that's designed to help children get the hang of the basics, and through repetitive games that are good fun and offer some welcome encouragement, I think that Kids Games Learning Math Basic can do just that. I would have liked the Parents' Corner part of the game to actually offer something more for Parents as it doesn't have that much in there really, and the "Remove Ads" option should never display while kids are playing as this could lead to accidental in-app purchases.



  • Speed (4/5) – This is a fairly speedy app, and it runs well and kids can take as long as they like.
  • Theme (5/5) – Everything in Kids Games Learning Math Basic is put together to a high standard and the voiceovers sound great, offering kids positive reinforcement and a welcoming environment.
  • Features (4/5) – Overall, I can see kids learning the fundamentals with Kids Games Learning Math Basic, but things can get a little repetitive over time, sadly enough.
  • Overall (4/5) – As expect from Greysprings, this is a quality, polished game that I'm sure kids will enjoy both in and outside of the classroom, however it can become a little repetitive.


  • Lots of fun sound effects and such make this an engaging game for younger players.
  • Works well on both smartphones as well as tablets, making it a good title for home and the classroom.
  • Colorful, easy to understand and interact with visuals are great, and really help kids figure out just what to do.
  • Has a good variety of games for young ones to work their way through.


  • Over time can become somewhat repetitive.
  • Remove Ads option should be hidden away in the Parents' Corner.

All-in-all, Kids Games Learning Math Basic is a great title and just what we'd expect from Greysprings, as they've been making quality titles like these for a long time now. With some great sounding and positive voiceovers and guidance, this is a game that kids can simply play on their own while also learning Math basics. It's a great title that can feel a little repetitive at times, but overall it's a great game for little ones to give them a helping hand.


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