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Bird Jump Jump is an Android game that aims to work out both sides of your brain at once, making you help two birds dodge obstacles at the same time. You'll have to juggle getting each bird to jump at the right time, and it can get quite tricky. Bird Jump Jump asks you to watch out for enemies and then jump to dodge, which sounds easy but you have to do this for two birds at different sides of the play area on your phone or tablet. Let's take a closer look at what Bird Jump Jump has to offer.

You'll need to download Bird Jump Jump from the Play Store, and then you can start playing.


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You'll be given a quick introduction of how to play the game, which isn't difficult as far as controls go, you just need to tap to jump.

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As you can see, things can become quite confusing when playing, you need to pay attention to both what's happening above and below in order to keep going.

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As far as scoring goes, you're awarded points for as long as you remain up there, as well as a +5 point bonus for each enemy that you dodge.


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At the start of things, I was posting some pretty poor scores, but after a while I was able to improve. However, I still cannot hold out for too long, as I'm not quite used to the idea of managing two areas of attack at once.

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Dodging one enemy is fairly easy, but then having to dodge another one can be quite difficult as your brain needs to adjust for both the top and bottom lines.

bird jump

There's no denying that this is a pretty simple game, spend five minutes with it and you'll see that, but what it is is an incredibly challenging game that has oodles of arcade fun packed in to it. If you thought Flappy Bird was too easy, then you'll enjoy the challenge laid down by Bird Jump Jump. It's got a decent amount of animation and while the characters could be more detailed, this adds to their overall charm. Plus, there's the classic arcade game pitting yourself against yourself, asking you to continually beat your previous high score time and time again. I liked it, and I had fun with the game, but for some it could be a little too basic.



  • Speed (4/5) – Bird Jump Jump runs really quite well, but it can take time to get used to the quick appearance of the enemy birds.
  • Theme (3/5) – There's some quality animation here and the game runs great, but some more detailed backgrounds and character drawings would be nice to see.
  • Features (4/5) – On the face of things, there really isn't all that much to Bird Jump Jump, but it's incredibly challenging and is good fun when you start playing.
  • Overall (4/5) – This is a game for those that are looking for something really quite challenging, and I'm sure that a lot of players looking for a real tough game will love the approach here.


  • Easy to get to grips with, the controls are one thing that you won't find difficult about this game.
  • Free to download and play with few ads getting in the way.
  • Doesn't take much to get started, but will take a long time to master, making it a rewarding game for arcade fans.
  • Tough game that will appeal to those looking for something tough and different.


  • For some, it might be a little too basic.
  • Can take quite a while to get used to controlling two different parts of the game.

All-in-all, Bird Jump Jump is what it is; it's a game that doesn't try to be anything than it is, a game that has a lot on offer for those looking for a tough challenge and good arcade action. It's free to play, doesn't bog you down with complicated controls and just lets you get on with things. Worth taking a look at, even if it is a little basic overall.


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