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Arithmetis is a game that aims to turn simple arithmetic into a challenging puzzle game. The aim of the game is to complete equations by placing the numbers as well as their operations in a grid, when you successfully create an equation it disappears from the grid and you're awarded a certain amount of points. You can place equations diagonally as well as straight, and you can have two equations cross paths as long as they're correct. There are 10 levels in Arithmetis and the goal is to of course complete all 10 levels, but as the numbers steadily get larger, and with no do-overs on removing tiles (unless you have the coins to do so) it's a lot more difficult than it sounds.

Those interested in Arithmetis can download the game from the Play Store. When users first start playing, there's a simple, yet informative animated demo on how to play the game.


2015-06-21 08.36.50

Arithmetis allows users to place equations diagonally as well, which might help you repair damage while playing.

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Getting started is pretty simple, the only thing that players need to be aware of is that you can't remove tiles unless you have the coins to do so. Here, I've managed to progress a level and we can see that I've been awarded some points for this as well.

2015-06-21 08.40.40

Over time, you might end up facing issues where you've chosen the wrong approach for your equations, for instance here I don't have anything else to do, but place parts of the equation hoping that some numbers appear to helpe me out of my mess. It does sometimes feel like the game stacks things against you, but it is designed to be challenging.


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After a number of attempts, starting over again a number of times, I did manage to get into the higher levels.

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Having spent quite a bit of time playing Artihmetis, I can say that it's a game that has a lot on offer, and it's damn good fun. I don't like Math, I won't say otherwise, but the difficulty of Arithmetis is such that it feels like climbing Everest in a way. You often get stuck at a certain point, and then struggle to further climb upwards. I haven't even come close to reaching that Level 10 summit, but I hope to do just that over time, and I'm sure that I will over time. Plus, this is a decent way of keeping our brains nice and sharp, keeping your brain active helps to keep you on your toes, and rather than Arithmetis pretending to be the next Brain Training, it's just a good game.


  • Speed (4/5) – The pacing here allows people to take things as they like, and the fact that there are only 10 levels lends this to "sessions" of gameplay, rather than endless sessions of monotony like other popular titles.
  • Features (4/5) – There's a good selection of gameplay on offer here, and it's a lot of fun, especially if you have decent Math skills.
  • Theme (4/5) – With a colorful look and feel, Arithmetis is a subtle, yet good-looking game.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid, entertaining title, Arithmetis has a lot to offer players, and while it can be difficult, it is rewarding as well.


  • Works well on smartphones as well as tablets to offer a good experience to all players.
  • 10 levels offers players a goal to reach over time, and makes it rewarding when you finally get there.
  • Good for keeping people's brains in top form without making them feel like they've gone to classes or playing a brain training game.
  • Difficult without being entirely unforgiving.


  • Coins can be used to remove tiles, but it seems very difficult to get those coins.
  • Information of upcoming numbers could be helpful for less experienced players.

Arithmetis is a lot of fun and while it might only appeal to those good with numbers, you don't need to have oodles of Math skills to draw from, as much of the equations are very simple. It presents itself as more of a logic game, and for those looking for bite-sized gaming sessions whenever and wherever they want to play.


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