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YouCam Makeup is an Android app from PERFECT, that can help women to try out a new style. This might come across as somewhat vane or even childish, but there is practicality in such a thing. After all, to try out a completely new shade of lipstick, eye shadow or blusher without having to go out and spend money on these news items would make it much cheaper to try something new. Besides, it's always good fun to try something new. You can choose from different eye shadow, eye liner, lip color, blusher, hair styles and choose from a number of common looks to see what suits. Let's take a look at what YouCam Makeup has to offer.



As with all other Android apps, you'll first need to download YouCam Makeup from the Google Play Store. As this is an app from PERFECT, there's some smart code working here underneath, like the ability to correctly detect your features such as eyes, nose and mouth.

youcam features


Following on from this, you can go ahead and choose to try on makeup in real time with Makeup Cam or apply makeup to an existing photo. The Makeup Cam accurately tracks your face as you move so that as you apply lipstick, eye shadow and eye liner, the products stay in place even while you move around. There are a wide range of different shades and colors for your eye or lip colors.

youcam colo

A feature that will appeal to many users is the ability to correct certain blemishes and flaws just as you would before going out for the evening.


youcam flaws


YouCam Makeup can help change your complexion as well, allowing you to reconsider whether or not to go for that fake tan.


youcam complexion


YouCam Makeup can also offer users a way to test different styles of eyelashes without having to spend the money on potentially costly fake eyelashes.


youcam lashes


A more fun feature of YouCam Makeup is the ability to try out different eye designs and eye colors. Those considering different contact lenses will be able to try out a different look without spending any money.


youcam eyes


YouCam Makeup might come across as an app that's potentially quite vane or even childish, it isn't. These days we use technology in all parts of our lives, and YouCam Makeup is a great way to play with different styles and looks without having to spend a long time in front of the mirror applying different makeup and taking it off again. Besides, it's also nice to try out something new and maybe perfect a new look for some big evening or party that's coming up. With lots of different colors and shades to choose from, YouCam Makeup makes it easy to change your eye liner, lip color, blusher, eye shadow and more with some very, very clever techniques. YouCam has become a name for Desktop webcam software and it'll only become more known with fun and engaging mobile apps like this.



  • Speed (4/5) – YouCam Makeup runs nice and quickly and there's no waiting around for effects and changes to take place.
  • Features (5/5) – With some seriously accurate feature detection, YouCam Makeup has oodles of different colors and there's a whole lot of different features on offer from changing your eyelashes to changing your hair look.
  • Theme (4/5) – The user interface here looks good and it's fairly easy to use, too.
  • Overall (4/5) – While this sort of thing might not be for everyone, there's more than enough on offer here to make this a viable option for trying out something new nice and easily, wherever you are without spending anything on new makeup.


  • Offers lots of sensible shades for eye, lip and hair color.
  • Detects your features such as your eyes, nose and lips with great accuracy to develop convincing results.
  • Has more fun elements included like the ability to change your hair and eye color and looks.
  • Completely free to download and use, giving people a lot of fun with no barrier for entry.


  • Won't be for everyone, as this sort of thing could be considered a little vane.
  • Ability to color match with people's own makeup would make this even more useful.

All-in-all, YouCam Makeup is a lot of fun, and I can see women enjoying trying out a new look and different sort of style wherever they want and it'll be a lot of fun when getting ready with friends. While this sort of thing won't be for everyone, YouCam Makeup has put all of its many features and options together in a well-polished manner that doesn't feel cheesy or anything like that at all. For those in need of trying out something new and fresh, YouCam Makeup is something people should download and try.


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