Sponsored App Review: SlickDeals – The Best Deals


SlickDeals, for those that have been living under a rock for the past decade, is a website and forum that runs the best deals on the web. If there's a type of deal that doesn't feature on SlickDeals, then it's not worth knowing. Their Android app has come a long way in recent years, and now looks like a more modern approach to the forum. It can use GPS to tell you where the local deals are happening, you can quickly and easily look at the frontpage deals, browse through the forum like always, and for new users it's ever easier than ever to create an account and get started.

Something that a lot of SlickDeals users love are the Frontpage Deals, a key part of the SlickDeals that has some of the best deals out there.


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Many of you will already be familiar with SlickDeals on the web, but if you haven't got the Android app yet, you can download it here. Upon launch, SlickDeals does a nice job of showing you what the service has to offer, like the Frontpage deals which make up a large portion of what SlickDeals has to offer. SlickDeals also has a whole lot of push notifications as well as Deal Alerts so you never miss a beat.

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SlickDeals has always been a great resource, so I just logged in with my account, but for those that are completely new to the app, you can go ahead and sign up for a new account really easily.

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When you find a deal you like, you can take a closer look at it, and if you click on the buy now link, it will take you directly to the listing online, which makes things a whole lot easier.

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You can take a look at the comments below as well. As these are all from real life SlickDeals members, these comments are a great resource for first-hand information.

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Of course, here at Android Headlines, we'd like to go for the tech deals, but you can find practically anything with SlickDeals.


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Beauty products is one such category that you might not think SlickDeals has to offer, but they do.

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With an app as clean and simple to use for deals as the new SlickDeals app is, you might have forgotten that the site is first and foremost a forum for people to connect and hunt down great deals with. Access to every inch of the forum is still here though, neatly laid out.

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Another key part of SlickDeals is the ability to see local deals, and this makes a whole lot more sense on the mobile app, so it's good to see them shining a light on this great feature.

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SlickDeals has always been an invaluable resource for as long as buying stuff online has been a thing, and the Android app has gotten a lot better with this latest release. Everything that SlickDeals has to offer is here and easy to get to, the popular and frontpage deals offer some stunning discounts, and SlickDeals have really got the idea that people want things right away on mobile. The app is super quick and easy to use, it takes you to your desired deals in no time flat, plus the comment system that makes SlickDeals, SlickDeals is alive and well on mobile as well. While the interface is much better looking, it would be nice to see a material design sort of look and feel, but it's nice and easy to get to every sort of setting that SlickDeals has to offer.


  • Speed (4/5) – Nice and speedy, the SlickDeals app gets you to deals nice and easily.
  • Features (5/5) – Forget the app, the service behind SlickDeals is great, and there's a reason why so many Americans swear by it, it's just that good. As for the app, every piece of info that you could want from SlickDeals is accessible and easy to use.
  • Theme (4/5) – A good-looking app that's nice and easy to use, the SlickDeals app looks good, but a material design theme would bring it right in line with modern Android.
  • Overall (5/5) – For ease of use, flexibility and access to everything that SlickDeals has on offer, this Android app ticks all the right boxes and does so in style.


  • Gives users quick access to the frontpage as well as popular deals whenever they want them.
  • Makes commenting and liking deals quick and painless, helping out other bargain hunters like yourself.
  • Offers every piece of the SlickDeals forum as well as all the deals that are on offer, it's the full experience.
  • Speeds finding local deals and purchasing things online by quite a bit.


  • Material design would blend in even better with people's phones.
  • Outside ads can be a little distracting, but they are clearly marked and there are no videos or anything.

All-in-all, SlickDeals is one of the best resources on the web for deals and reviews of customer service. It remains just that, and the Android app does the service as a whole proud, offering some of the best deals nice and quickly. The interface is easy to use, and refreshingly, it's now easier than ever to sign up for an account, so this is a great time to jump onboard with SlickDeals, especially if you like saving money.