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Memory Release Plus is an Android app that aims to keep your device running as smoothly as possible by releasing memory every time you hit the home button. This keeps your device fresh and keeps as much RAM free as possible. Designed to be as simple as possible, there are very few settings to tweak, a subtle notification that lets you know how much memory you have free and all you need to do is to head home to free up some RAM and keep your device running smoothly. Whether or not you need another task killer is p to you, but let's take a look and see what Memory Release Plus has to offer.

Just as with other Android apps, you'll need to download Memory Release Plus from the Play Store. It's completely free to download and it doesn't feature any in-app purchases, either.


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After a quick introduction into what Memory Release Plus is all about, you can go ahead and start changing some settings.

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As Memory Release Plus is designed to be as simple as possible, there are very few settings you can change. However, you can control whether or not the app focuses on clearing more RAM or quickly cleaning up the memory on your device. I do wish that there were a few more options, but really there's everything you need here.

Once you hit the home button, the app will get to clearing the running apps on your phone, just as promised.


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That's all there is to it, really, and there's also a neat notification that lets you know how much memory you have free at all times, too. You can control how quickly this refreshes from within the settings of the app.

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There really isn't much to Memory Release Plus and honestly, that's part of its charm. There's not much to fiddle with, to complain about or come into issue with. It just cleans your RAM, and keeps on cleaning it. I've often been wary of these apps that promise to speed up your device like this, as there's no way of filtering which apps are killed. Which for me means that a number of core apps are killed, like Android Wear, my fitness tracker app and my smartpen app. As such, I am often worried about which of my apps have been killed in the background and what sort of effect this will have on my device. Still, for someone using a lower-end device with not a lot of RAM, there's a lot on offer here for those looking for a smooth performance all the time, and having it work when someone hits the home button is a great touch. Someone can go to their homescreen and speed up their phone a little bit at the same time.


  • Speed (4/5) – Memory Release Plus itself runs nice and quickly, and depending on what sort of device you own, it could help to speed things up for you.
  • Features (3/5) – Its simplicity might be part of its charm, but it ultimately doesn't have too much to offer, really.
  • Theme (4/5) – There isn't much you need to be inside the app for here, but everything is fairly unoffensive and the notification blends in with Android quite nicely.
  • Overall (3.5/5) – Overall, this is just another task killer for Android. Hitting the home button does make this nice and easy to use, while also giving your device a clean each time you go to your homescreen, but there need to be more to it, sadly.


  • Can be of benefit to those running lower-end devices with very little RAM.
  • Super-easy to use, you just need to hit the home button, and it's done.
  • Notification gives users a quick and easy to understand reference of how much RAM they have free.
  • Keeps devices speedy every time someone hits the home button.


  • Doesn't offer much more than your average task killer on Android.
  • You can not exclude process which you do not want to be terminated at memory release

At the end of the day, Memory Release Plus is what it is, it's an Android app that fulfils the task that it was designed for; it clears memory whenever you hit the home button. There are no pesky ads, in-app purchases or anything like that and for users of lower-end, more affordable devices this could be a neat little app.




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